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The Bunker at a glance

At The Bunker you will experience a unique approach to fitness. Whether you are a battle tested athlete or a recent couch potato just staring off you will feel at home here. We celebrate diversity.

With a wide array of programs to pick from, you’ll never wonder how to improve your fitness life again. The choice is YOURS…CrossFit, Yoga, Burn, Personal Training, and CrossFit Kids, we’ve got your whole family covered. NO EXCUSES.

The Bunker formula is simple. Provide top notch coaching, clean facilities packed with industry leading amenities and deliver it with quality customer service.

In short we’ve thought of everything, all YOU have to do is show up and you’ll be amazed watching your quality of life improve. Remember fitness is a Lifestyle.

Meet The Team!

The BNKR’s certified coaches all have your safety and fitness results as their priority.

Whether you’re in Yoga, Burn, or CrossFit, our coaches are committed to the development of you as an athlete. Our inclusive approach to fitness will meet you where you’re at and we welcome the challenge of making you better. A better you is what we do.

Fredie Dorian

Brandi Yates

Chris Micheli

Tye Webb


Powered by transformative business model, proprietary technology, tried and tested methodology and some of
the best fitness brains in the world, we’ve rewritten the rules and changed the game.








Southwest Fwy

14031 Southwest Fwy. Suite 600
Sugar Land, TX 77478


Crabb River

1606 Crabb River Road
Sugar Land, TX 77469

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  • Cardio Training 80%
  • Strength Training 75%
  • Yoga Training 95%

You are closer to your closer body!

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Fitness is built to allow people create the perfect body in easy way.

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