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A commercial property that has a good roof will allow it to continue its operations even when problems with changing weathers arise. If there are leakages and cracks in the roof of your business outlet, this can adversely affect the organization’s productivity while causing discomfort to your customers.

That is why the roofs in commercial properties should be durable enough to stand up against any change in climate. Aside from that, regular maintenance is a must for commercial outlets to avoid big problems with the damage and expense in the future. A quality roof installation and regular maintenance can save a lot on losses whether humanitarian or monetary.

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Imperial Contracting and Consulting is a leading commercial roofing specialist that aims to leverage quality roof installation, repair, and maintenance to meet a client’s needs. We employ only the best people, and we have an experienced team of industry experts who can help give you the roof you deserve.

Today, many commercial properties are facing issues such as water leakage due to its accumulation on the roof. This is quite common after a big storm or a hurricane has hit. Such accumulation is caused because the sloping in the roof can be too low or has not been done at all.

Our company understands very well that the roofing requirements will depend on the climate conditions in a specific area. Since we have acquired many years of experience in providing professional services in roofing, we ensure our clients that their commercial property’s roofing system is durable and sturdy enough to withstand all environmental conditions.

Imperial Contracting and Consulting is equipped to manage even the largest commercial roofing needs you have. Whether your roof has been damaged by the storm and needs repair or you simply need a new replacement, we allow you to focus on your business while we handle your roofing needs.

Here are some of the roofing systems that we can provide to you now:

EPPM – We can provide Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) commercial roofing systems when needed. This type of roof is versatile, durable and easy to install to your commercial outlet. It consists of a highly effective and efficient synthetic compound that is made of rubber.

Built-Up – This type of roofing system uses gravel and tar materials which are a tried, tested and less expensive option compared to its counterparts usually found on large industrial and commercial buildings.

Modified Bitumen – This roofing system offers superior flexibility and is quite easy to maintain in comparison to the tar-based built-up roofing system. No fumes are being emitted with this type of roofing installed and have an average lifespan of 30 years. Furthermore, it is ideal for use on flat or low pitches.

Metal – A metal roofing system is usually recommended by experts because of its perfect balance between style and durability. A great thing about this type of roofing for commercial properties is that it is resistant to fire, energy efficient and immune to most elemental forces.

Green – For those who want an eco-friendlier roofing system, this is the green roof solution we have for you. We can provide you with a roof that is partially or completely covered with fauna and vegetation. However, this type of roofing system requires a retardant membrane, drainage and irrigation system to work well.

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