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Have you experienced hail, torrential rains, strong winds and extreme storms recently? There are times when nature lashes out with fury leaving behind downed trees, flooding and roof damage in our homes.

Damage from strong wind and hail can be quite catastrophic to any home. The windows, roofing, gutters, and siding can get dented or ripped off from the structure. If you have gone through a storm that you think has done some damage to your home, don’t want to call for an inspection.

Imperial Contracting and Consulting specializes in helping families recover from storm damage by providing them with the roof restoration services that they need.

Identifying Potential Problems

Roof shingles are typically made to protect the house against bad weather. However, hail, rain, and the wind that comes with a storm could still cause some damages to it. It is important to keep in mind that not all roofing storm damage is noticeable. Even if there aren’t any obvious signs, you may have a damaged roof already, and you don’t know it!

Many damages caused by wind and hail can’t be seen from the ground level and can go undetected if inspected by an untrained person. These hidden damages can cause problems even weeks or months after a storm.

To ensure that you don’t have any hidden roof problems, have your covering inspected thoroughly by a qualified contractor that you can fully trust. Shingles that are missing can lead to water seeping into your roof or even inside the house. Do your family and your home a favor. Get these small issues fixed before they become bigger and more expensive. Imperial Contracting and Consulting takes pride in years of experience handling storm roof repair issues, and we are happy to fix your roof for you!

Quick Repairs for Storm Damage

Once your roof starts to leak after a storm, give us a call right away! We have certified roof inspectors and personnel who are determined to identify the extent of the storm damage in your home, make detailed plans and restore it to pristine condition. Whether you need repairs or replacements, we will do everything to satisfy your needs.

Imperial Contracting and Consulting is a locally owned and operated company that has been assisting homeowners and commercial property owners from storm damage for years. We provide people with top notch emergency roof storm damage services, tarping and cover-up as well. We do free inspections of your roof when needed to make sure that the structure of your roof is safe and sound.

Give us a call and let’s discuss how our storm damage roof repair and maintenance services can help you!


A commercial property that has a good roof will allow it to continue its operations even when problems with changing weathers arise. If there are leakages and cracks in the roof of your business outlet, this can adversely affect the organization’s productivity while causing discomfort to your customers.


Imperial Contracting and Consulting provides residences with roofing services and materials that they need today. The roof of a home needs to be replaced or repaired at least once every decade on average. With the help of our company, we can guarantee you that the roofing services we provide will make yours last longer than the average.

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