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sugar land roofing contractorWith over 20 years of experience, RHR Construction has helped replace and repair over 5,000 roofs for homeowners. From residential to commercial and industrial, we can handle roof projects of any type and size. Choosing the wrong contractor can lead to overpaying, not getting the proper amount of coverage from your insurance company or being denied a roof repair claim all together that should be approved. It is important to choose the right roofing contractor when a storm hits or your roof has aged to the point of needing to be replaced.
We are a full service roofing company, which means we handle residential roofs, commercial roofs, industrial roofs, residential roof repair and insurance claim consulting. We’ll be there for you throughout the entire project, from start to finish. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look below at some of our customer testimonials and you’ll see why RHR Construction is the right choice for your next roofing project.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • we have had a few storms come through this past year that causes some roof damage! Chris with RHR Construction was so knowledgeable and helped with the insurance process. I am so thankful to him and his team! Very professional and did an awesome job! Would definitely recommend him.

  • We were needing our roof done for awhile…. RHR came out and did an awesome job! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and worked with my insurance. Would highly recommend!

  • These guys did a GREAT job on my grandparents roof! They are so happy and thankful they found a company that was considerate of their needs.

  • Very respectable group of guys! Great service with no delays or price change! I recommend them to anyone!


Residential Roofing

One of the most important parts of your home is the roof. Without a quality roof, the rest of your house will diminish over time. Especially in the Houston area, with hurricane season, regular storms and the weather fluctuating unpredictably throughout the year, keeping an eye on your residential roof is important. Don’t hesitate to call the team at RHR Construction for all of your residential roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing

With over 20 years of commercial roofing experience, RHR Construction is your one stop shop for your business, commercial or industrial roofing needs. Whether your building new construction or expanding your facility, RHR Construction has the equipment and experience necessary to deliver the results you need.

Hail Damage

Hail damage to your roof may seem like no big deal at the time, but don’t make the same mistake so many other home owners make by ignoring or delaying your roof repair after a hail storm. Once hail hits a shingle, it loosens and knocks off the granule layer, which exposes the asphalt layer, which then leads to deterioration of the shingle, thus rendering your roof defenseless. Call RHR Construction to ensure that your roof isn’t wasting away due to past hail damage.

Storm Damage Repair

When it comes to roof damage, it isn’t always an immediate issue you notice. There are the obvious damaged roof situations when a tree or debris punches a hole through your roof during a storm, but sometimes it can take months or years for damage to be noticeable. Problems like water damage take time to be noticeable with leaks in your ceiling or walls, so don’t risk a small problem become a huge one for your home. Call today to schedule your free roof inspection with RHR Construction.

Insurance Claim Consulting

Properly assessing roof damage can be difficult if you do not have the proper training or experience. RHR Construction has over 20 years in the roofing industry working with insurance claims adjusters to make sure you’re getting the insurance coverage you deserve when it’s time to get your roof replaced or repaired. If you feel like your roof has been damaged, but your insurance company is delaying or denying your claim, call RHR Construction for a second opinion.

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